Post-nano syndroms???

So I’m past the 50,000 which still exhilerates me and busy working on getting on, maybe even reaching the 100,000 as some people said…we’ll see how much I can do for the rest of this month, in any way, Thanksgiving break is coming up which gives me a four-day-weekend to do nothing but write, how cool is that? 😀

I don’t know if what happened today will contribute to it or not, because as a matter of fact I received an unexpected and very, very painful shot in my left shoulder this morning when I was getting dressed so right now every movement of my arms back or sideways ends in excruciating pain and an acute inability to breathe. I’m really not whiny about pain, but apparently I pulled a muscle and even with a good dose of painkillers it just f-ing hurts 😦 But typing works just fine, it’s just adding a bit of tension but it works….I don’t know if that’s ironic or not…I really hope it goes away soon though, because I prefer to be able to drive and move and all those nice things…

Anyway, on the question of editing…I’ll stay strong and will wait till the entire draft is written, even though there doubtlessly horrendous parts, I’ll keep my fingers off them and not edit a word till the story of book 1 is done. I’ve also been contemplating to re-structure my story that way for I’d like to have someone who’ll be able to narrate the things that are going on in the Palace of Light, but then again there’s book 2 and a totally new character who will take the lead, because Ares…well you’ll see.


5 Responses to “Post-nano syndroms???”

  1. Fnord Says:

    congrats on getting this far ! keep going.

  2. Randilin Says:

    Congrats on finishing… I’m still working away on mine (32K)

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up going over the 50K goal, so like the last person I say “Keep Going”

    Good luck with it..

    Found you through tag surfing, just in case you were wondering.

  3. nymeria87 Says:

    Good luck with it then 😀 and yay for tag-surfing!

    I’ll go ahead and finish my first draft, but what I’ve written for nano does need some severe editing 🙂

  4. Randilin Says:

    Your’s isn’t the only one, mine is going to need it in a serious way… 🙂

  5. nymeria87 Says:

    Ah well that’s why I’ll have to work on it for a long time after finishing the first draft. But first I want to finish it. And take more time. To make shorter sentences :p

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