I’m having a problem…

…and this problem is all around Light, which I’ve started to write in November, getting to the 50,000 words really fast but now I’m facing its horrible uneditedness and I could cry.

I talked to a couple of people today and I guess I’ll end up not posting any of my writing on any critique boards for now but rather focus on getting the first draft done and then start editing it, severely editing it. I’ll give myself some more time to do that and actually reread what I’ve written and go over it, after all this isn’t Nano anymore and I’m past the 50,000 so no rush required, right? I’ll try not to over-edit it, but still fix some of those elements that I really disliked. I know there’s a lot that’s bugging me from the Prologue through to Chapter Eleven which is the point where I’m right now.

I’d be glad if someone could help me out, but I have the feeling that if I post what I’ve written so far on here, it’ll only be a wast of everyone’s time, so I guess I’ll wait and see what comes out of it. Of course a few tips here and there will be welcome.

For this reason I’ll post my writing here so those who actually care about helping me can give me some tips here and there.

So if you care about and love me and want to help me out there, just drop me an email at stephanie.floch@gmail.com and I’ll get you the password as long as I know who you are :p



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