On overdue things

So you see my booklist on this page right? Well, I went through it again on Saturday only to realize how severly I’ve been neglecting catching up with my list in favor of writing. I really should get going and at least finish The Name of the Wind by Pat Rothfuss before Thanksgiving. I’m working on it and reading a bit more besides work and writing so I hope I’ll be caught up soon. The rest of the Dark Tower series has been waiting to be read for ages now and not because I don’t like the books (quite the opposite in fact!), truth is I’m just picking up so many books that after a while they just pile up and I’m where I am now: in great need to catch up.

 As far as writing is going: this weekend was bad. It was riddled with frustration and chaos and I really didn’t have any nerve to write. Finally inspiration kicked in though and what happens: I’m getting into some stupid fight with Stephen and every urge to write *poof* vanishes…Well I really hope today will be a better day…


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