The Golden Compass

So we went and saw The Golden Compass tonight. Well the movie itself wasn’t too bad but like almost every movie that’s based on a book, it could have been so much better and why, oh why do they always have to butcher endings so that everything is hanging in a cliffhanger-limbo? It just makes me groan really and reminds me rather cringingly of the Eragon movie…woah let’s not get started on that one.

The Golden Compass was a good movie, but then again I kinda tend to treat movies as an entity that’s seperate from the book, even though I can’t help compairing the two, it’s been a good movie, but lacks a lot that the book gives you…once again I wouldn’t recommend to watch it without having read the book.

Gods it really does frustrate me and piss me off how much this “Oh well there’s the movie so I don’t need to read the book” mentality is spreading lately…READ PEOPLE!

Alright, rant done…but still I hope it’ll get some more people to buy the books…the ACTUAL books, not the movie-based, action-stressed shortcut please…

P.S.: Saw the trailer for Inkheart which ranges at the top of my list of favorite kids’ books of all time. I really want to go see the movie too but…Brandon Fraser? You have got to be kidding me… I never liked that guy and I doubt he can play a serious role, what kind of joke is this? I guess I’ll have to wait till 2008 to find out if this installment of Cornelia Funke’s awesome work is worth the $8 for the ticket…

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