I actually got back into writing yesterday and I’m excited! I just wrote 315 words, the beginning of chapter Twelve. But since I only had like half an hour at work to spare to sit down and actually get back to it, I think it’s not too bad of a start. The next few chapters are already outlined and even though I’m going to make some major changes of the story as opposed to how it’s been so far, I’m pretty optimistic

With this chapter I’m getting back into the controversial area of Light, but it’ll be a lot of fun and hopefully a good read.

I probably won’t post anything until after I’ve a) finished the first draft and b) done some major editing because I already know that once I’m done with this, some things just won’t fit together anymore. But hey, I’m really excited about this plot again and it feels good to get it flowing once more!

P.S.: Sira, I started downloading Firefly yesterday and it should be done some time tonight or tomorrow so I’ll watch it soon 😀

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