Alright. So yesterday that little bug that’s been telling me to screw my medieval fantasy setting and go for an urban one instead finally won over. I’m happy with this actually. Even though I was feeling all chaotic and “throw it all over again” like yesterday, I think this has been an important step for me to realize that I’ll have to make some radical changes to get rid of some of the flaws in my story like:

– similarities to other fantasy series that I’ve read
– the feeling that this world is but a fake medieval concept while much of the values and the general conflicts of the story are modern ones
– that whole creating a myth part that overall doesn’t make much sense and maybe the story might even be better served by reducing the role of religion in contrast to the power of science

All in all I’m pretty optimistic. Even though I’m looking at a lot of work and rewriting here, I think it’ll make a better plot in the end. So here goes to massive changes and outlining till another writing intensive phase will come in March (for MarNoWriMo on westeros or before)

Cheers 😀


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