This made me crack up so badly – ATTENTION SPOILERS!!!

I love Richard Morgan’s Thirteen for scenes like this:

Ok this happens after Scott and Carmen have seen Nocera and Ward brutally killed. So here’s their conclusion to what happened: 

“He says”-another upward tilt of her eyes-“that he’s come early, that it’s not time yet and he has to gather his strength. He has work to do here, but his enemies are out there and they’re still strong. And that means we have to protect him until it is time. He’s chosen us, Scott. Sorted us from the, uh, the-”

“The chaff?”

“Yeah, the chaff. You saw what he did with Nocera and Ward? They were servants of the darkness, Scott. I see it now. I mean, I never liked Nocera and Ward, well he was okay, but-”

“Satan has a thousand snares”, Scott told her. “A thousand masks to wear.”


He hesitated, looking at her. “Are you His-” He tasted the word, awkward on his tongue. “His handmaiden?” 

“Yes. That’s what he’s told me. Until one of the, uh, the angels can come to take on the task. Until then, he says he’ll speak through me.” 

…all Hail to the brilliance of the Jesuslanders. Now there’s sense…

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  1. Richard K. Morgan - Thirteen « In the Shadows Says:

    […] plotting I’d like to mention that this book also made me laugh because of scenes like this Seriously, I LOVED the Jesusland references and Scott just made me crack up on various occasions. […]

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