Corrections ;)

Since Alaerien pointed out some things about the general ideas that I posted last night in my LJ, I think there are some things to add to make things clearer.

For now, the “Outer Rim States” is a filler word, I’m not quite sure how to call them yet (something in the way of “the lost lands” etc is more likely to fit) is all and I was apparently too tired and forgot to mention that…oops ;)

For the US and Russia: yeah, it would be kind of weird if it just worked out how I summarized it. It’s not as simple as that, the US and Russia aren’t just friends and everything is just fine. But who said that? ;) What would be more plausible is that the World is generally split into its former most powerful forces and that would put Russia against the US again. They might have tried to make everything seem like a nice united world, but after all reality is far from that. That is actually what I meant to say with the whole US/Russia complott. In the end it’s basically a world split into different…I guess you could call it sectors or territories that still have enough ressources to keep their own autonomy (aka Russia, the US, maybe even Africa if they weren’t too dependent on greater economical powers already)

The reason why Europe is more or less non-existent in its union anymore is actually based on today’s conflicts as well as the fact that they will inevitably run out of oil/other ressources. Of course there’s some more fiction at the works here but that’s basically how it could be explained.

I guess I should have gone further into detail here, but somehow I must have spaced off, sorry about that


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