Progress – Attn.: Spoilers

Today has been a good day in terms of restructuring Light. The ideas have just kept coming and I think I’m rather well set to start out writing again. As a matter of fact I will start writing right after finishing this entry (oh yes, we’re getting to work again) and on the same, really painfully slow laptop. I don’t know why, but in some way I like the little thing. It’ll do until I’ll get my new one in a couple of months though.

So anyway, here it goes. The world and general setting are created, I got rid of the rather superfuous religious system and most of the things that just reminded me too much of other books or series that I’ve read before. A good part of characters have been undergoing some major changes, but in my opinion those new characteristics and general attributes will fit them all the better.

Oh and something else has changed too and that is something I was tinkering with from the beginning when I really wanted to write this as a first person narrative from Ares’ point of view. Well the initial doubts being confirmed, I scrapped that part. The overall plot is just too complex for one single character to survey. Ares simply wouldn’t have enough insight to always know what is going on and there will be other point of views that have to be included in order to make the story itself work. After all the last thing I want for Ares is him sounding like some kind of omniscient lecturer, for he’s quite the opposite of that and  sometimes just has no fucking clue what is going on and so…well you’ll see. 

Anyway, here are some of the general things I’ve been working on (I won’t give too much away though ;))

The World: 

It’s the year 2191: The world is dominated by the United World Nations, an institution that took over after the Civil Wars that had broken loose almost a hundred years prior. The Wars had been a result of the World’s population generally running out of ressources like oil and the United Nations’ failure to reconcilliate the diverging economical interests of the USA and the rest of what once had been called the G8 states. Environmental collapse and the dramatically fast melt down of the Poles only added to the general unrest, turning nations against each other trying to protect their individual interests. 

To deescalate the situation and out of fear of a nuclear war, the UWN was formed after ten years of civil chaos and general chaos. The international attempt to reunite the world wasn’t accepted without resistance of course. The foremost nations among the Resistance, France, England and Germany had to succumb to the overwhelming forces coming from the United States and Russia, who had formed a rather unexpected, yet stable alliance. Apparently old quarrels and conflicts like the Cold War and its resentments had been forgotten. Once more the world seemed united and the winning powers experienced a flood of loyalty united in the urge to stop the Wars. Some remembered tales how it had been two hundred years earlier after what had been called the Second World War, other, more doubtful voices only saw the deserted wasteland that had once been three of the most powerful nations of what had been called the European Union. 

Some may say the Unification has brought the end to all qualms and conflicts, while some -mostly those who lived on the other side of the Fence or in one of thousands of fugitive camps built after the Wars- would probably say that Unification has been the end of personal freedom and any attempts to unite the world in democracy. 

If you lived in the “right” areas of the world, the Capital City, or the Central States you would never have to face the conflict that once more seperates the World into a class system not much different from the classes before Civilization. Whereas the rich wouldn’t want for neither rights, freedom nor ressources and technology, it were those who lived in the Outer Rim States, those who according to the Council had refused to assimilate to society and accept the chances the UWN would offer them, who suffered major throwbacks. In countries that had no official authority, countries ravaged by war and want for the very basics to maintain civilized life, it were self-declared warlords, whose word was law ruling the land with repression, exploiting all natural as well as human ressources left to them while the UWN Council onveniently looks away as long as their interests remain untouched. 


As I mentioned before, I scrapped the pantheon of different Gods that I created for the Nano-draft. In a world where Science has become humankind’s largest religion, there are only few followers of the anchient religions left. While some Christians, Muslims, Jews and others still cling to their out-dated beliefs, Unification also progressed on a religious level. Attempting to truly unite humankind and realizing that God, Allah, Jahwe and all those names meant one and the same in the end, the Empire of Light was created as a synonym for the fact that all religions essentially weren’t different at all. Those who used to believe in one God, had been taught to believe in the Light that shone upon all of them in the same way. Those whose beliefs required a Prophet to guide them were taught to trust in the guidance of the Eye, the Lord Chancellor himself, elected by the Council who reconcilliated worldly as well as heavenly reign in one and the same institution, while the Watch makes sure to enforce law and order on the streets and in every other aspect of life, if possible without letting anybody know about the exact extend of their influence.

Of course there were those who refused to believe, those who insisted in their personal religious freedom. However, those who remained defiant to the world’s new movement of Enlightenment would soon find their churches, Moschees and Synagoges torn down and used to build new Houses of Light while those foolish enough to hang on to their old beliefs would soon find themselves deported to the Outer Rim States where they might be lucky and be able to continue their religious pursuit or not. Everything the UWN wanted was keeping their citizens out of trouble and extinguish riots from their roots. The last thing they needed was another war over matters that had been solved so efficiently. 


If you have the Gift, an ability similar to psionics in the way of Sensing people’s minds and influencing them on a mental basis, but also more complex in the way of Touching people directly with your ability to attack, bind or even heal people, you’re in deep trouble. 

You may be lucky and the Empire (or the UWN to use a friendlier word and one that doesn’t get you into jail) will find you when you’re born at one of their hospitals (Scanning is mandatory, no way to avoid it). You’re lucky then, because they will Fix you, even though that will require some more or less extreme fiddling with your brain. But in the end you’ll be Blocked from either Touching or Sensing. There have been rumours of cases that lead to a child’s premature death either during the surgery itself or after suffering from seizures, stroke or even brain tumors, but those rumours have been silenced to mere myths. 

Of course you might have been born in the Outer Rim States and emigrated later, willing to receive what the UWN offers you, but even then you won’t be able to avoid Scanning and if they find out that you’re one of those unfortunate creatures in need of Cleansing, you’ll be off for a little trip to one of those neat labs that will take care of your problem and you can be sure that after you’re Cleansed you won’t have any problems at all anymore. In fact, you won’t feel anymore because there won’t be anything left of you capable of human emotion. But here we’re entering the realm of myth and rumors again for never has anyone seen the inside of the UWN’s Cleansing facilities and that better stays that way too. 


“The Shadows”:

Ares Maevere – our German/American, unfortunately Gifted, orphaned and sometimes more than halfway insane leader of the band of merry criminals with a rather dark past

Damian Cain – Ares’ ,originally French, second in command and significant other (what was that about major buttsex warning? *scratches head*), apart from Ares, he likes to shoot holes in other people, oh and to patch up his own crew, after all he’s a born paradox of a man 😉 

Naerya and Nurya Artume – the Colombian twins and well-known first class Courtesans, always handy to get some helpful information out of male as well as female clients 

Jay – the American tech, whether it’s hacking, fixing up a car or even an airship, she’ll do the job

Orion – the American mercenary: lockpick and weapons specialist 

Orpheus – the Mentor, almost old enough to have witnessed the Wars, the original founder, or should we call him Collector of the Shadows, it is said he has some rather interesting connections to the Watch and the Intelligence of the Empire

“The Temple” aka “House Gioa” (the place where officially nobody has a last name ;))

Amaelia – Highpriestress/owner of the etablissement

Veleine – future Priestress of the Temple with rather interesting beliefs 

Eliaf – more often mocked as “the Prophet”, a strange guy with a strange name and even stranger ideas

Declyn  – someone who doesn’t like to talk about himself, but who is wanted for nothing less but arson and murder

The Eye: Sirius Nymeron – Lord Chancellor and only true “Prophet” of the Light

The Watch: 

Arturiel Valyr – Lieutenant of the Watch, best friend of Ged Maevere, husband to Eva Valyr

Ged Maevere (deceased) – Captain of the Watch, Ares’ father, a convicted traitor

Dahlia Laras – Captain of the Watch, Intelligence and contact to the Shadows


Faele Maevere – Ares’ mother

Eva (deceased) – Arturiel’s wife

Raeyn Nymeron – Sirius’ son

Dawnelle Nymeron – Sirius’ daughter 

Coras – dealing in drugs and genetical enhancements 

There would be other things to mention but I think it would drag it too long and I’m trying not to give away any spoilers, this has become a much longer post than it was planned to be. I’m ready to write though and hope there are enough dystopian themes in this to convince anyone that no, nobody’s going to save the world here. After all, there’s no place for Heroes in this world. Heroes die, kid.


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