Fundamental questions

On changing my setting there are two questions that have been spinning their merry little circles in my mind.

One: What is my writing style like?

Ok, I know I can’t write light “und am Ende lebten sie gluecklich und zusammen bis ans Ende ihrer Tage” (and they lived happily ever after) – fantasy. I just love my dystopian themes and in the end nothing is just black or white, shades of gray rule the world 😉

On the other hand though I know that I can’t just write about badass characters pursuing badass goals in a badass way.  That would just be too much of the black again. Instead I prefer a healthy balance. My characters are neither black or white (metaphorically spoken), they act to achieve their own goals, are often ruthless, but still have a conscience and a certain set of values that they’ll uphold.

 As for the story itself: Light is a post-apocalyptical story set in a world that still has so many open possibilities that are mostly facing scepticism or outward refusal. Politics are thrown back into what basically is a fascist system. Immigration is an issue as well as segregation and general decay of the “uncivilized” countries that are blocked from the opportunities that the Empire of Light (I’ll call it that for now) offers so freely to the obedient masses 😉 But then again there is no absolutely bad, as well as there isn’t anyone who’s absolutely good. This isn’t a story of the Hero’s quest and neither is it about the Antihero’s failure. Nobody is going to save the world unless the world is goign to save itself.

It’s all in the mix. In the end I’m not even sure what genre it would belong in. Urban Fantasy is probably the most likely. There are scifi elements, that make a specification even harder though. I guess we’ll see what the end-product looks like, right?

Question number two is actually related to an interview that Joss Whedon gave after the cancellation of Firefly. He spoke about the individual functions of his characters. I think it’s important to remember that your characters always contribute in some way to the story. None of them are alike and they affect the outcome and actions of the plot in their own individual way.

 So what do my characters represent? How do they contribute to the story? (I’m trying to keep this short knowing that this is totally rudimentary and incomplete. This just mentions some of their main character traits)

 1.) Ares: the mystery

2.) Damian: the “hard guy” of many faces

3.) Jay: straight-forwardness

4.) Naerya: passion

5.) Raeyn: the mercenary, always on the run

6.) Orpheus: the failing mentor

7.) Veleine: the conscience

8.) Arturiel: madness

9.) Sirius: control, purpose

10.) Dawnelle: the spy, ambition

This is actually an interesting questions and I find that, even though each of them have their certain main characteristics, they aren’t limited to just one side. All of them are ambiguous in their actions and purposes. They aren’t 100% good or 100% bad. In the end there are no stable allegiances, no entirely separate sides.

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