Kay, this is why I hate driving in the morning (random rant)

So I’m crawling out of bed at the unearthly time of 6:50 am to drive my little brother in law to work (who by the way is the most ungrateful and annoying sixteen-year old brat :p) and what happens?

Well first off: it’s snowed again (Gods I’m getting tired of snow, REALLY tired, I’m wondering if that’s why my story takes place in a world where global warming has already won  – ergo: no snow ;))

Anyway, what I hate even more than snow is driving with my wind shield all iced up because a) the damn scraper’s broken and b) I’m in a hurry to get the “little one” to school in time (I’m a much too nice person btw *sigh*) . Consequently I don’t see where I’m going resulting in me almost hitting about five cars during the first five icy minutes that the car takes to warm up. I honestly don’t know HOW I manage to still stay accident-free in this land of crazy weather and chaotic drivers….

Oh and the door on the driver’s side is broken too so now you can’t open it from the outside, which means you have to get in on the passenger’s side, scoot over to the driver’s seat and hope not to hit your head on anything.

Man I love driving here 😉


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