Slacking off and other things…

No, I have not written a word in nearly a week. So much to resolutions that can be crushed by daily stress and other mental distractions, like dead laptops etc. all too easily. It sucks. Ah well… part of me is really hoping to get my hands on a new and shiny 13″ Dell XPS 1330 some time this month. However it’ll probably more realistic to say that this will be my shiny little red birthday present to myself (my birthday is on April 5th ;)). Until then…let’s hope I’m getting at least some writing done during work, even though the office is going ballistic on me again.

On other things: today’s Stephen’s (=my hubby, the Chief Teddy Bear) aunt Wanda’s funeral and neither of us is going. One reason for this is certainly that neither of us can afford to take the day off work, but another one is probably the fact that I never even met her and Stephen never had real contact to her either, you know how families are sometimes. Personally, it would just have felt wrong to me to go to a funeral of somebody I don’t know. It just feels like a fake. I’m hoping everything goes well though and maybe I’m getting to meet some more relatives today.

Seriously I’m looking forward to them leaving today because our house is just crowded right now and LOUD with 3 toddlers under 3…seriously I’m not a baby person. This may sound mean, but don’t get me wrong: I like kids, but sometimes they just are driving me even more insane than their mothers thinking there’s no life besides their kids…

I just don’t think that this is the right approach and seriously don’t fit into this rather American model of a traditional family. No thanks, there won’t be any Chief Teddy Bear Spawn for a while 😉

Btw if I appear to be rambling in exceptional lengths, blame it on the considerable amount of caffeine that I already consumed this morning. It’s all Nazca’s fault. She’s been hiding from the kids in our room all day yesterday and so has been hyper and extremely bouncy all night, which finally drove me to the point of kicking her out of the room at 4:30 am, just an hour or so before Chief Teddy Bear had to get up and I had to drive him to work…Man…


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