If you are a Communist wanting to immigrate to the United States, you definitely have a problem…

…and I don’t hint at ideology and irreconcilable economical views, I’m explaining a fact. I mean you know you’re supposed to answer every question in your immigration forms truthfully, but this has been one that made me think. It’s somewhere in the vast “Adjustment of Status” package when they ask you if you’ve been a Sex-offender, felon, convicted for dealing in drugs etc. when they also ask:

[quote]Are you a Communist?[/unquote]

This is where I stop and think: Well, I wouldn’t say I am a Communist, but I certainly share certain Communist point of views. So does that make me one? Are they throwing Communist in the same pot as Democratice Socialist? Hmmm….

Well in the end I check the “No” box, because no, I’m not a Communist, in other words: I’m not a member of a Communist party whatsoever.

So at my interview appointment my interviewer (who is Russian himself, rather to my amusement) he’s asking me that question again and here Steffi’s deciding to be a little bold.

Me: No.

Him: Ok then.

Me: Well let me ask you a question. Hypothetically, if I were a member of a Communist party I wouldn’t be able to immigrate to the United States?

Him: Exactly. We need to make sure that you believe in a democratic system. Communism is not a democracy.

Me: Well, alright, but what about being a member of a party who believes in Democratic Socialism? (emphasizing the “democratic” because I don’t believe in any system that wouldn’t be a democratic one)

Him: That’s no problem. Socialism is different. Socialism is democratic.

Me: Ok…. (Thinking: Hello??? WTF are you making of the DDR? That’s not been a democracy!)

Him: Anyway, you’re fine as long as you’re not a Communist.

Me: Sure.

So he moves on, and I’m thinking I’ve stranded in a land full of historical retards. Anyway, taking a deep breath, trying not to let him notice what I’m thinking and just going on with the spiel. After all it might have been good that I’ve left my jacket with the Jusos badges and the little red star at home along with the Marx and Lenin books…Man… Welcome to the US of A…Land of the Free and very funny attitudes towards what is a democracy and what is not…


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