Laptop stress or “Please Hold”

So I ordered this totally AWESOME (and red :p) laptop from Dell on Saturday, got the money in my account, made the payment, got the “We acknowledge your order and will send you a confirmation email soon” email in my inbox….and then it stopped. Nothing went out of my bank account, no confirmation email received…So me, being me, gets nervous and wanting to know what’s going on calls Dell Customer Care.

Cus. Care: Uh…there must be something wrong with your order, apparently an item that you bought isn’t being recognized by the system…uh…let me transfer you to Sales, they’ll be able to help you out.

Me: *grumble, grumble, getting pissed off even more*

Phone line: Please hold. *stupid brainless marketing gibberish* Your waiting time may exceed 10 minutes. Please continue to hold. A Sales Representative will be with you shortly. *more brainless gibberish*

Me: *ranting to Stephen on msn and being almost braindead after half an hour of continuous “Please Hold” lalala* OMG please shoot me…

Finally I’m put through to a Sales guy who tells me: Oh, I just had a customer with the very same problem just a minute ago. I’m sorry, but there has been a system error with orders over the weekend, please call us again tomorrow, if you haven’t received an email and the payment went through by then.

Me: You must be fucking shitting me…

So I’m hanging up, even more pissed off than an hour before when this call started…and now I still haven’t received anything from them and will end up calling them again…They better give me free overnight shipping or upgrades and they damn well better have my laptop still….Gah!

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2 Responses to “Laptop stress or “Please Hold””

  1. Don Says:

    Dell has been having a lot of problems in the last year. Their equipment is good though. Hope they get their act together. I was thinking about getting a small 10″ laptop myself. But big 15″ is way too large to take on a bus.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    I agree. Mine is an XPS 1330, and the 13″ plus 4lb of weight make it ultra-portable. I’m way excited about it, but I finally want to get the confirmation that I’ll GET it soon. so…yeah…here’s to me having to call in again today after 3pm if I haven’t received an email by then…oh merry Life On Hold…

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