More of the “Argh!” that’s been my day…

…yeah I know I’m not in the best of moods today, but at least my laptop order got confirmed, even though the shipping date is scheduled for the 26th of March which is way late….ah well, the Chief Teddybear is yelling at them right now to try and get that sped up a bit (he’s working for Dell, so ;))

Anyway, what REALLY is pissing me off right now is that our health insurance just keeps messing with us. Those guys never do anything right. First they didn’t acknowledge my coverage, then they changed my name out for Stephen’s (his is pronounced Stephan, mine’s Stephanie so they totally fucked up…) and now that I need meds that they need to give me a prior authorization for they suddenly can’t find me on their records again…that paired with the fact that they keep sending us statements saying that either of us hasn’t been covered for previous doctor visits and trying to bill us for it, just shoots it through the ro0f….I’m really glad once I have a social security number so I’ll have a number proving my existence….

…I got my Green Card in the mail btw and it’s totally not green…well the back of it is, but the front is some kind of yellow-ish, which I thought was rather funny…anyway, nobody’s gonna send me home now so at least something good happened 😉

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