Now there’s you another promising read…

…and one that definitely resides in the top ranks of my “Must Read” list for 2008 (frankly, this year is going to be great in new releases, even though I’m already grumpy because I’ll still have to wait to lay my hands on this year’s most wanted releases *substracts 50 Brownie points for living in the US of A now and thus not being favored with UK publishing dates*)

Anyway, after reading about it on Westeros and being linked to a rather intriguing post on Joe Abercrombie’s blog I’m pretty hot on getting my hands on Richard Morgan’s upcoming book The Steel Remains.

Browsing amazon was rather disappointing though, well not really, but you might share my impatience about having to wait till August 21st when it’s supposed to be published (which by the way, is almost at the same time when Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves is to come out and the Gods know I can’t wait for that one and August is waaaaaaayyyy far off…)

Ah well, rant done. Just check it out 🙂 *concludes another “Nym pimps a book”-post*


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