New Laptop!

It’s finally here! Well it was delivered yesterday, but after Stephen went on a rampage, installing and uninstalling all kinds of stuff, plus arguing with Dell on the phone (he got me a second 9 cell battery and a $100 refund in the deal) I finally can use it to its fullest. It’s awesome and I LOVE it! Really, it’s been worth the wait, even though it was a lot of hassle to finally get it, but it’s a great laptop. Ultra portable with the 13″ LED screen, long battery life (yay for the 9 Cell battery!) and with 4 GB RAM and 2.2 dual core processor pretty dang fast.

In short: Nym’s pretty happy and will enjoy writing a lot on this thing, now that she has transferred all her files 🙂

With that I’m off to putting more music on here to stimulate the inspiration 😉


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