Another one down!

Yes, after lots of revision, pondering the general outline and completely switching the setting to a more modern one, I finally finished Chapter Thirteen! Took me long enough, I have to say, but I think despite all the doubts, headaches, sleepless nights and caffeine (yes, don’t forget the caffeine!) the muses have come back and I’ve finally finished chapter Thirteen, which will be the first chapter I’ve written in the “new setting” if you want to call it that. Actually the story hasn’t really changed THAT radically, but I daresay a little more modernity and definitely starting to use dialogue a LOT more has made it a much better plot.

This chapter kind of shows how many changes I’ve made in Light compared to when it started out last November. First off, it’s pretty much an action chapter and I have to admit they’re not my best thing to write, but honestly I think this one’s a good one. It’s full of dialogue and short (yes, SHORT) sentences (I’m not beyond learning though :p) and I just killed my second major character. Some may complain that it was a little quick, but I assure you it hasn’t been one of those meaningless deaths (I hate it when authors kill off characters without any reason).

There’s also a petty graphic scene, but to my defense I got to say that I’ve been rather mild on the gory side (it’s not been a chapter from Daimian’s POV after all ;))

With 4,144 words it’s not one of my longest chapters, but rather average and I think I cut it before it’d have gone on for too long (we don’t want over-sized giant-chapters after all, I’m really trying to hold back on that). 1,920 words is how much I’ve written today and that’s including some editing. I’m happy to see how it’s flowing again, even though I’ll have to read over it again to erradicate grammatical flaws etc, but all in all today’s been a good day 🙂

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