Plot Synopsis

Here is an interesting link to a project by Joshua Palmatier on LiveJournal collecting a couple of plot synopses published authors used to sell their books. We’re not talking about a blurb or even a one-line summary, but the 3-5 page synopsis that is submitted to agents along with query letters etc.

I think it’s an interesting project to look into, no matter at which stage of publishing you are. If you’re like me, then summarizing your plot that doesn’t make you sound like a complete, rambling idiot is usually a major pain in the ass. Personally, I find myself losing focus when I’m trying to summarize my plot, even though most of that might be due to Light just not being finished yet. Some things are totally open still, but sooner or later I’ll have to write a good synopsis for this thing 😉

 I was talking to a friend who also writes on Friday night and we both decided that sometimes plot summaries just go a little out of hand and if you’re like me it usually ends up being too long and more or less rambling. So a little peek into how other authors have accomplished to shut out the rambling temptation can’t hurt, methinks.

Anyway, check it out 😉


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