1.) I really want to make some more progress with Deviant.

2.) Must destroy distractions 😉

3.) This isn’t writing-related, but I’m really feeling like painting lately. I’ll probably end up getting me a nice big-ish canvas and do a project vaguely filed under character art. I want to do a painting that features Ares, Damian and Dawnelle and shows how she drives a stake into their relationship in a way. Not sure about the outline yet, but I’ll probably start making some lineart drafts soon.

4.) Still pondering about the “new” prologue, but I really want to finish Eighteen first.

5.) I’m sometimes feeling like I’m not using enough character description and end up rambling just a little. I’m not big into describing anything to its most minute detail, but I think I could do a little better overall. My personal strengths are emotions and internal monologues as well as dialog, but descriptions of places or characters themselves are coming a little short IMO. I’ll try and focus more on that now as well as in the editing process 🙂


I know this is random…

…but why don’t I have any friends/relatives living in NYC? Colleen Lindsay just left 500 books in the lobby of her building because she’s moving. They’re up for grabs and I’m in Utah. Now that just leaves me in agony….

See full post here.

And today’s conclusions are:

1.) Make Prologue part of Chapter One, thus

2.) break up One into two chapters to avoid becoming too long-winded

3.) new prologue will show events that happen in the midsection of the book hence providing suspense and foreshadowing while also featuring one of MC’s most treasured nemesis’ ^_^

But seriously, I think I got the beginning and opening hook straightened out in a manner that doesn’t create too much confusion. I’ll also divide the book into two parts plus prologue and epilogue as far as structure is concerned.

Concluding from this, I’ll probably write a new prologue after finishing Eighteen. Still pondering if the prologue scene will actually show up again later in the book at its original place as far as the timeline is concerned…. We’ll see about that one.

Query Shark

Query Shark is a rather new blog project maintained by Janet Reid, agent for Fine Print Literary Management, posting and critiquing query letters. Note that these queries are NOT regular queries sent to her directly, but ones that are specifically sent to her email to be critiqued on Query Shark.

So if you’re about to query or even if you just need some general ideas about how to write and structure your query letter, Query Shark is one of those places to go. Besides that it also is entertaining at times 🙂

Character Art!

Though I didn’t write very much this weekend, I finally got around to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on art supplies after sadly losing my old graphite pencils *still sad*. I got around to draw a little and here are two pictures I especially liked:

This is a drawing of Ares and Damian and yes they are kissing and very obviously gay unless you haven’t noticed yet. I’m really happy with it and like the general pose and atmosphere, even though it’s a very rough drawing.

This is Dawnelle, one of my favorite evil and vindictive characters in Light. In Deviant she doesn’t show up very often, but in Clairvoyance she is going to play a major role – can’t wait to write more about her!

This picture was inspired by a photograph that Claire sent me – hope you like my take on it, hon!

I’ll post more character art as it comes, but right now those are the two I like best. I also opened an account on DeviantArt a while ago. If you want to check out my stuff there, the username is Dawnelle

Why Nazca thinks she’s a dog…

I kid you not. This cat suffers from serious delusions culminating in her not only playing fetch and having her belly rubbed like a dog, but also barking like one on top of it. Seriously, she did growl and bark like a dog last night.

I was cuddling in bed with her reading, when Stephen comes down the stairs and Nazca, hearing him through the closed door growls and barks, running to the door. It made me laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants. Really.

I’m wondering if she learned that from the dogs at the vet or if it’s just some strange kitty thing. It sure is entertaining though and I’m looking forward what she’ll do when we live at our friend Koreanne’s basement with a huge Wolf-Husky outside 😉

Driver’s License

Can I just state how ridiculous the tests to obtain a driver’s license here in the U.S. are? Seriously if you can’t distinguish a stop sign from a yield sign, you do have a problem.

Anyway, two hours, one written and one road test later, I got my Utah Driver’s License for $25 instead of the 3 months of theoretical and practical lessons and not to forget the EUR 1665 = $2,497) that it cost me in Germany. Talk about cheapskates 😉

I still have my German license too which is a good thing because i tend to hang on to this kind of stuff.