After resigning to the fact that I probably won’t find my good old notebook in the myriad of boxes and suitcases piled up in the spare room next to our bedroom I’ve finally bought a new notebook yesterday. I don’t know how you keep track of the flow of ideas that sometimes just keeps crashing down on your or even the occasional fickle streak of brilliance that needs to be grasped and written down or it’ll disappear as quickly as it came. I’m using notebooks since I don’t have my laptop with me everywhere and I prefer to do at least some part of my writing in good ol’ longhand.

Anyway, back to my favorite past-time on a slow work day: character outlining and the sketching of rather random scenes and working out the end of the first book that I already figured out, but still there are different variables in the game that I’d like to eradicate or at least write down until I see which one matches best. Yay for happy scribbling!

4 Responses to “Scribblings”

  1. jwcooper3 Says:

    Don’t know if this would be your cup of decaf but there is a service I use called Jott ( It’s free. You can use your cell phone to send yourself an email using voice recognition. If I’m out and about and an idea hits me, particularly when I’m driving, i can send myself an email of thoughts and ideas so I don’t have to worry about it being lost once I sit down at my laptop.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Ok, first off, decaf is an abomination, let alone defeats the purpose 😉

    But seriously, that sounds like a neat idea. I might consider using it for all those weird moment when I fail to have either hotebook or my laptop with me. Thanks!

  3. Don Says:

    Yeah, I agree. Anyone who drinks decaf should be rounded up…

  4. nymeria87 Says:

    Yes. Listen to the voice of reason. It is calling for caffeine 😉

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