One of those “Aha!” moments

So I’m reading over George R. R. Martin’s blog at random-I know I should be working, after all I’m getting paid…or I should be finishing Chapter Fourteen of Light…

Anyway, I’m reading through his post on Terry Pratchett and Alzheimer and suddenly the name “Pat Cadigan” strikes my eye. Yeah, call me uninformed, but the only thing I knew about her to date was that she’s my former English teacher’s cousin, which she mentioned once or so.

But George R. R. Martin mentioning her in connection with his Wild Cards series (which I still have to read, hopefully soon) makes my eyebrows rise and I decide to search for her books on since Martin probably doesn’t call her “the queen of cyberpunk” for nothing.

And here the frustration kicks in because apparently at least her first book “Mindplayers” published in 1987 isn’t available new from amazon. I’ll definitely check out the Book Depository and the amazon Marketplace though, because what I’ve googled about her works definitely intrigues me.

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