Going freelance

So I just called up that translation agency that I submitted my German Abitur report to so I could get it translated by a “certified” translator; no need to say that it irritated me that I’d have to spend $75 on a translation that I could have done in 15 minutes.

Anyway, I’ve been planning on doing some freelance work in translations etc. on the side for a while, hence I’m thinking it can’t hurt to ask them what their requirements for employment are. Apparently besides the usual background checks, they want me to have a bachelor’s degree which I won’t have for another 3-4 years. Ah well, at least I know now that I’ll be able to do that on the side later either while teaching or while I’m still at university, depending if I get to do my master’s degree or not.

Right now that doesn’t do me any good. I’ll definitely consider doing that later on though; I did some freelance writing for a local newspaper and the political group I used to be the head of before. I’m looking forward to getting into it again. Plus, I won’t need to pay anything anymore for a certified translator for all my German paperwork or my writing; I’ll just do it myself and put the company stamp on it, how neat is that?

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2 Responses to “Going freelance”

  1. Don Says:

    Why don’t you write an article about your experience going to the U.S. from Germany. Or really a general article on how to move to the U.S. and interview people. Make it a little humourous. I’m sure there’s a market for it.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinkng about that for a while now. I’ll get around to it sometime and if nothing else I’ll just publish it here on a seperate page 😉

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