Yeah, guess what I got as a late birthday present from Stephen yesterday? =D I’ve used gimp and other programs in the past, which were nice and free, but Photoshop really does rock (even though I’d never spend that much money on it myself, getting the program as a birthday present is something else though ;))

Anyway, so I spent last night all fiddling with different gadgets in there and it’s really fun. I love working with pictures and generally being creative. The next project I’ll be working on will be a new header for the blog. I’d love to make a drawing of Ares and Damian for it and I think I already have an idea. Though I might be lazy and just end up googling a picture that I like and altering that. We’ll see.

Cheers for the weekend to come.

3 Responses to “Photoshop”

  1. elizaw Says:

    Congratulations! Photoshop is awesome; I’ve used it for painting for seven or eight years. If you have a wacom tablet, you can do fantastic things with customized brushes.

  2. sirayn Says:

    SURPRISE BLOG! For some reason I never realised you were posting stuff here but not on livejournal. đŸ˜› *reads*

  3. nymeria87 Says:

    Heh, indeed. I might even say this blog covers a lot more content than my LJ one, which I admit I have neglected gravely lately. I’ve been planning on posting there for a while saying that this here is sort of my main blog, but somehow I never really got around to it.

    I’ll spread the word about this site though, since it’s become my major blog and archive for my writing and let’s hope it keeps growing. I’ll still try to copy most of my stuff into the LJ, but sometimes I’m just too damn a slacker…

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