Today has been one of those days again. Frankly, I didn’t even do that much writing, but another 916 words finished Fifteen at a total of 3,577 words and I’m happy with it so far. But what is more is that today in general was a great day for inspiration to come. Maybe that’s because I’ve been hanging out in bookstores a lot today (in my favorite used book store and Barnes&Noble) and I’ve been talking books and writing a lot with several people including my friend Jen today.

Talking about what I’m writing always helps me to focus, even though it sometimes brings up new questions too. Today’s was mainly related to this post.

I just couldn’t help wondering if a structure based on multiple character PoVs really is the right thing. I’m really trying to be more brief in my writing, so adding more characters to Ares very strong arc might just unnecessarily complicate things, but then again separating Damian’s and Raeyn’s PoV as well as Dawn’s later on is really important for the overall story. It just doesn’t work if it’s only based on Ares’ perception.

And that’s that. Even though I’ve only written three chapters with in the “new way” if you want to call it that, it’ll most likely stick. Let’s hope I’m still thinking that way once I’m done with the first draft and throw myself into editing 😉

On top of that I’ve been having some great ideas in regards to the plot structure over the last couple of days. I’ll change the beginning a little, setting the first chapter in the middle of the plot so to say and then going back, narrating what had the characters end up where they are right now. I’ll structure it in a way of present vs. flashback scenes since I generally don’t really like linear storylines. But it’ll be organized, unlike parts of my nanowrimo part that often was unclear and flat out got readers lost. Don’t want that to happen again.

Also got some neat ideas for the second book, but those are only vague. I’m really concentrating on finishing the first book, then revising and editing it before I go on.

Other than that, I’m currently at 62,190 words, which I’m hoping means that I’m halfway done with the first draft (despite the 150,000 that I marked on my wordcount widget I’m really trying to get this tied off at 120k. Honest). Well here’s hope this is actually going to happen, but we’ll see how it turns out in the end.


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