This is nifty!

After jwcooper3 suggested it to me in one of my previous posts about my personal frenzy about always having my notebook with me in case a good idea strikes, I decided to register at to see if it really works. Yes, gadgety curious me strikes once again 😉

Jott allows you to record a message with your cellphone (currently only available in the USA and Canada) and it automatically transcribes your voice message into text that is sent to your email. Pretty nifty toy. You need to make sure to speak clearly (it understood “write” instead of “Light” at the first time), but it’s an easy and free way not to lose a random idea in case you don’t have your laptop and notebook ready.

I don’t know how much I’ll use it, but it’s good to have just in case, even though I’m better at writing my ideas down than actually articulating them. But that’s probably just me thinking “Man, people must think I’m totally weird”, but aren’t we all?

Geeks FTW 😉

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