I’m a horribly inconsistent person!

I’m serious. Sometimes I just drive myself nuts.

I’m saying here and here that I’ll probably stick with my 3 chapter-experiment of using multiple character PoVs instead of Ares’ first person narrative throughout Light. So guess what I decided now?

After a very nearly sleepless night I’ve finally made up my mind. Honest. I’ve been going over and over this time and time again and after looking closer at the structure of my story (I have to admit I’m not one of those theoretical writers, but sometimes looking at those aspects helps me focus) I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll go back to first-person narrative, Ares only. (I hate novels that use multiple first person narrators, most of the time it’s just a clumsy way to say “Well I didn’t know how else to do it”)

I guess the main reason that got me to make up my mind on this is the fact that though I like chapters 13-15 (the only ones I used multiple PoVs) there’s so much in it that is unnecessary or simply too long. Those are things I can have Ares narrate without problems and without getting too long-winded.

Then there’s the fact that I really liked the method I used to show some things only other characters would know or flashbacks into the past in Ares’ dreams. Those dreams are the only passages that are written in third person because they are seen by Ares, but mostly not directly but through the respective character’s eyes. I really liked that method and it fits very well into the story’s overall concept.

I wouldn’t do it just because I want to show things that happen without Ares’ direct knowledge about it, but because it’s part of the Gift that enables him to Dream things that might be true or not. Those sequences are a fundamental part of the story and I’d hate having to scratch them just because it would get too complicated with different PoV’s AND Dreams. So here’s the compromise.

Another nice side effect of switching back into first person is the decrease in editing material that it’ll give me. I won’t have to rewrite 50,000 words from Ares’ PoV, splitting it up into multiple ones. Doing that wouldn’t have decreased my word count, but caused the exact opposite to happen and I really don’t want that.

So yeah, after all my “Oh multiple PoV’s are THE thing to do here” determination I’m feeling pretty much like an inconsistent scatterbrain 😉 But now I have at least tried out both ways, weighed advantages against disadvantages and made up my mind in the process. Can’t tell me I haven’t experimented with all kinds of techniques. But isn’t that what writing is about in the end?


2 Responses to “I’m a horribly inconsistent person!”

  1. sirayn Says:

    I HATE MULTIPLE FIRST PERSON POVS!!!!!!!11111! Seriously. I have an enormous personal vendetta against them. First person is for immersing yourself in one character’s worldview – great for unreliable narrator technique, character development and heavy filtering. First person is not good for multiple PoVs. If I pick up a book and “I” am now someone else (the narrator), but ten pages later “I” am now someone else (another narrator), and then ten pages later … and ten pages later … I get whiplash. And it makes me all growly and I complain on people’s blogs.

    And back to your regularly scheduled programming. 😛

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Hey, hang on Sira, I never said I was going to do this. It’ll only be one first person narrator, not more than that. You should know me better than that 😉 Besides I hate that method as much as you do (I actually thought I had stated that above, didn’t I? Well maybe I’m just losing it….) But yeah, to make this clear: narrative=first person (from Ares’ PoV) like I did it in the Nano-draft. The only parts that are in third person are the Dreams, but that’s been like that before too.

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