Kitty update

The vet called me this morning asking how Nazca was doing after her surgery. She got spayed on Monday, but though I was on her drugged-kitty shitlist for a little while, she still loves me. She’s doing really well after the surgery and as far as I can see everything is healing as it’s supposed to.

Poor thing has most of her belly shaved and still gets pain killers (and she hates that dropper, ohhhh yeah, can’t blame her though, because that stuff already smells like ass…or Jaegermeister, whichever take you prefer ;)). She’s still on antibiotics against the infection that caused all the ruckus too, another dropper that she hates with a passion, but it’ll do.

We still let her sleep downstairs in out bedroom because she’s not really up to the company of four other cats chasing around the house, but we expect not to having to camp out on the hide-a-bed upstairs anymore by the weekend. We keep her company downstairs when we’re at home, but so she has time to rest and get better. She already wants to play again really badly so we’re pretty positive that she’ll be back to normal in a couple of days.


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