Yep, still reading trashy stuff…;)

It’s all Jen’s fault really 😉 But seriously, I decided to pick up some of Laurell K. Hamilton’s books because she liked it and because I knew a lot of people kinda like the earlier books, but loathe the later books with a passion. So curious little me is on a weird streak again wanting to find out if it’s really that bad.

Now, having reached muchly de-recommended book 10 (yes, I did read them this far), I can only say: Yes, it is that bad. Seriously, the earlier books until book 8 were alright apart from some (well ok quite a few) atrocities in terms of plot, characterization and general choice of words as well as Hamilton’s ability to utterly butcher the French language. I guess part of me likes them because they appeal the the 14-year-old in me that was absolutely obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and everything about vampires. I’ve always liked stuff about vamps, but some things are just better than others.

The first 8 books are readable, even entertaining, but all in all just not great. They’re what I’d call a “work read” which is when I’m at the office and don’t always have the time to read really heavy stuff (not that I don’t do it anyway ;)). After book 8 I usually would just stop reading them, but then again I had 9 and 10 handy from the used bookstore so I’m thinking: Why not?

Now at book10, I can only say that it makes me crack up page after page, leaving me in a mix of laughing and cringing fits at how bad it is. Sure there are some good parts, but all in all I’m really agreeing with Jen and the guy who sold the book to me: She should have stayed the heck away from writing exotica. Where Carey does a great job, Hamilton fails utterly and most of the book just reads like very cheap porn (not that she hasn’t done that in the earlier books as well, but in book 10 and after it just gets to the point that you just can’t stand it anymore).

I guess my question if it’s really that bad is answered thoroughly 😉 This one will end up on my stack of my examples showing how not to write.

Just so everyone’s aware of the fact that I’m usually not the kind of person who reads the trashy stuff (except for my own morbid sense of amusement ;)), here are a couple books that are currently on my TBR pile:

-Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files (got to buy the entire series except for Small Favor today, so expect a review soon)

– Jeff Somers’ The Digital Plague (publishing date: May 12th, depending on my wallet I’ll probably get it around that date, really looking forward to it :))

-Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Mercy (publishing date: June 12th – can’t wait for the final book of the Imriel triology, love her books)

– Steve Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon (way overdue to finally read it, still sitting on my shelf waiting to be read and reviewed)

-the rest of Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacz novels (still haven’t posted the Altered Carbon review, must crack whip to do so!)


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