Character Art!

Though I didn’t write very much this weekend, I finally got around to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on art supplies after sadly losing my old graphite pencils *still sad*. I got around to draw a little and here are two pictures I especially liked:

This is a drawing of Ares and Damian and yes they are kissing and very obviously gay unless you haven’t noticed yet. I’m really happy with it and like the general pose and atmosphere, even though it’s a very rough drawing.

This is Dawnelle, one of my favorite evil and vindictive characters in Light. In Deviant she doesn’t show up very often, but in Clairvoyance she is going to play a major role – can’t wait to write more about her!

This picture was inspired by a photograph that Claire sent me – hope you like my take on it, hon!

I’ll post more character art as it comes, but right now those are the two I like best. I also opened an account on DeviantArt a while ago. If you want to check out my stuff there, the username is Dawnelle


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