1.) I really want to make some more progress with Deviant.

2.) Must destroy distractions 😉

3.) This isn’t writing-related, but I’m really feeling like painting lately. I’ll probably end up getting me a nice big-ish canvas and do a project vaguely filed under character art. I want to do a painting that features Ares, Damian and Dawnelle and shows how she drives a stake into their relationship in a way. Not sure about the outline yet, but I’ll probably start making some lineart drafts soon.

4.) Still pondering about the “new” prologue, but I really want to finish Eighteen first.

5.) I’m sometimes feeling like I’m not using enough character description and end up rambling just a little. I’m not big into describing anything to its most minute detail, but I think I could do a little better overall. My personal strengths are emotions and internal monologues as well as dialog, but descriptions of places or characters themselves are coming a little short IMO. I’ll try and focus more on that now as well as in the editing process 🙂

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