Having a headache…

…but I guess that’s what I get for writing about Ares fighting a massive migraine. Thanks for that go towards my muse and my boss who managed to drive me nuts today…again 😉

This morning we didn’t have any internet at all in the entire building. So for about two hours I actually had time and inspiration to write at work *gasp* I’m thinking I used my time well though. I’m having a lot of fun with Chapter 18, though Ares better get himself some painkillers soon…

Maybe I’ll manage to finish this chapter today, because I can’t wait to write Chapter 19 which will feature a character I haven’t written a lot about yet: Xavier Coras. He leads over to the literally druggy part of Deviant and has some interesting information to share, even though Ares will have all his hands full with trying to prevent him and Damian from going at each other’s throats 😉


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