While I was writing I thought about a realistic deadline – if you want to call it that – to finish the first draft for Deviant. Thinking about it, I’m currently writing about 3,000-4,000 words a week, an amount that can be increased without problems. Frankly, I just want to get done with the first draft so I have the story down and can start editing. At the pace that I’m going now, I’m thinking that finishing draft 1 by the end of August might be possible. I definitely want to get done before November 1st 2008, because then it’ll have taken me an entire year to write the first draft.

So since I’m rather productive if I have to work with deadlines, here’s the goal:

I want to finish the first draft of Deviant by August 31st. That means I’ll have worked on it for exactly 9 months. I’m not much into calculating my average weekly word count but given that I’ll finish the first draft at realistically 150,000 words that leaves me about 80,000 to go. That means I have 17 weeks to go and would need to write an average of 4,705.8 words a week…haha. Well considering that this is how much I wrote for Nanowrimo on one day, I’m pretty optimistic. I don’t want to do speed-writing, because I want to keep up a certain quality and check on my grammatical flaws 😉

Of course the book might be shorter than that (actually I’m hoping it will be so I won’t have to cut too much), but we’ll see. 120,000 would be great, but since there’s still a lot of plot untold, I’m sticking with the higher estimate for now.

Thanks a lot to Claire and Sira for reading it so far by the way. Sira already gave me a great critique and Claire just volunteered to read it and give me her opinion too. Thanks a lot!


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