I guess every writer has their own favorite place where inspiration kicks in. For me, this place is my bed or the shower, strangely enough. Anyways, yesterday I actually had Stephen help me out there, because he came up with a great idea to solve one of the things that I still hadn’t quite planned out as I wanted to. I guess that proves that you can get ideas on how to write something even from a person who doesn’t really read. The fact that Stephen doesn’t read leads to great frustration on my side, but at least he’s interested in what I’m writing, so I’m pacified 😉


2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Don Says:

    I noticed also that being somewhere new is also good inspiration. Like if you are staying at a hotel, look around the room and lobby and the people around. Sometimes you’`ll create a setting for a current or new story.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    I agree. Another thing that’s strange is that I sometimes tend to drift off reading or watching a movie (mainly when it’s not really interesting ;)) This is when I start analyzing structure, narrative, speech, choice of words etc.

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