For anyone who wants to see it, here is the link for the oil painting I made of Ares and Damian. It’s nothing special, but I like it well enough. I’m planning to do something more complex featuring Ares, Dawnelle and Damian soon, but I need to do the lineart for it first 😉 It’s good to use painting and drawing as an outlet again, I haven’t done it for ages. Strangely enough the last time that I was in a drawing phase was when my friend Janna died two and a half years ago. I guess it’s a form to think and relax for me, it just helped me back then, but now I love to use it to picture my characters better and to think about plot details etc. in general.

As far as the actual writing goes, I’m making good progress since I set my own deadline. I have some time during work that allows me to write, but still I get to do most on the weekends or at my favorite coffee shop. What can I say? Caffeine is excellent writing fuel. I’m now midway through Nineteen, introducing Xavier Coras, a slimy yet devious drug dealer  from the  District,  gotta love how  he pushes Damian’s buttons, so let’s hope nobody gets shot 😉 After that I’ll write the new prologue and will jump from past events among the Shadows to the present time: Ares and Damian at the Palace of Light 🙂

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