Reading over the prologue for Deviant, I just couldn’t resist to do some editing there. ‘Some’ may not quite be the word I’d use here though, since I had to completely rewrite the ending of the 2.2k prologue. It just conveyed an entirely wrong image of the relationship between the two dominant characters in this part.

I only made those changes hand-written, after printing out the passage in double-spaced Courier New (which is the font and line spacing I’m writing with in general). The double spacing makes it much easier to add changes and corrections directly and there was enough room even for the rewrite of the ending.

Doing this I just realized that I’ll probably edit especially the first part up to 3 times, first for general spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as shortening of sentences etc. Then to add or scratch material that either is or isn’t needed for the overall plot (I have at least 3 characters to totally add to the first part, as well as the Ares&Damian relationship to establish, because it wasn’t really existent yet when I wrote this part for Nanowrimo). So far this will all be done handwritten, which leads to the third step: putting the changes into the word document. This will make me revise those changes and alter them again if need be – voila here comes the 3-step-editing-system as I call it. Oh joy.

All I have to say right now is that this is going to be a lot of work. Ohhhhhh yes.

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