Family Blackmail…

I’m serious, everyone wants first dibs on my laptop. Here’s how conversations go with my mother in law lately:

Cheri: *calling me at work*: Hey, have you been writing today?

Me: Not yet, why?

Cheri: Well will you be writing tonight?

Me: Hey, I won’t even be home till about 10 or so tonight, depending on what Jen and me are up to.

Cheri: Wrong answer. Definitely wrong answer.

Me: Let me guess, you want to watch Doctor Who?

Cheri: Yes! And you had mail today but now you won’t get it, because you didn’t answer right.

Me: *exasperated* Well just tell me if it’s from my uni or not. You know I’m still waiting for those damn evaluation papers.

Cheri: I’m not gonna tell you.

Me *getting whiny* Oh come on, you can have the laptop later and hook it up to the TV…

Cheri: ‘kay, yeah it’s your uni stuff

Me: Great! Well can you make Stephen get those to me later when he brings the car over?

Cheri: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Me: *rolls eyes*

I guess that’s what I’m getting for making my in laws addicted to several TV shows, including Doctor Who (their most recent addiction), Firefly, Jericho and Heroes. I mean, hey I love spreading the word of tv-show-awesomeness, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to sacrifice precious writing time just because they need to hook my laptop up to the TV….I really should put all the stuff on Stephen’s lappy and have him do it 😉

Anyway, gotta love the family. Really, I do love them to bits, but sometimes they do annoy the crap out of me. Let’s just say part of me definitely is looking forward to moving in August – yay for quiet, comfy reading and writing places without the TV running all day…

So far there are already a couple things on my “to get before moving” list:

– a new bed

– another bookshelf (my three are bursting…)

– a love sac/huge beanbag chair thingy for general cuddling/writing/reading purposes

– a new TV, because Stephen’s is dying and I can’t play any games on it, because the picture quality is almost as bad as my eyes are

– oh yeah and a car, but that depends on me getting grants and scholarships, we’ll probably just end up buying a cheap used car that hopefully won’t fall apart any time soon 🙂


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