Uni application…

Good Grief!

Yes, you guessed right, there’s another paperwork-rant coming from my side. I mean being a newly acknowledged individual, now equipped with a number, a driver’s license and not to forget alien registration number I’m merely waiting for them to come up with the idea of tatooing a barcode to my respective backside (seriously, it’d work like the self-checkouts at Wal-Mart: one swipe and here’s how they know who you are…)

Anyway, so I finally got my foreign credentials evaluation back from Florida, listing my cumulative awesomeness (49 credits and 8 of those for math for whichever reason…i.e. I suckat math, but if this prevents me from taking it again and enduring hours and hours of agony and braincell decrease at uni, so be it!).

Of course I’m going right to my future university’s website all eager to apply and be accepted for the fall semester of 2008 but there are two problems: a) What am I? I’m not an international student because I have a GreenCard thus being a Utah resident, but am I considered a Transfer student or not? One call to the admissions office confirms that yes, I do fall under the latter category, but will have to submit a ton of additional documents. Oh joy.

Problem b) Help, my previous college doesn’t exist! Seriously, the online application’s drop-down-menus of doom aren’t even listing Germany among the countries to choose from. Really weird, given that they list countries like Austria and Nepal….eh, may I quote Colleen Lindsay here: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? So indulgent me is writing a rather confused email to earlier mentioned admissions office hoping for a swift reply to solve this dilemma.



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