Dude looks like a lady

Stephen *looking at my two recent paintings of Ares*: So that a guy or a girl?

Me *exasperated*: It’s a guy. Don’t you let the long, wavy hair distract you.

Clayton *looking a the painting I did of Damian, Ares and Dawnelle*: So what’ s that other guy doing there? Watching them having sex?

Me: No, he’s Ares’ boyfriend and this is only a symbolic painting. Besides, they aren’t having sex.

Adrian: Well that’s just sick, that guy’s watching the two girls having sex! Ew!

Me *rolls eyes*: That’s a GUY dammit!

Can you say ‘misunderstood art’? Seriously, just because Ares does have rather long hair doesn’t make him a girl and just to spite my dearly beloved family, I painted him with a little goatie yesterday. I have to admit he looks cute with a beard đŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m chiming in with Jen: Real men have long hair :p heh

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