Publishing Houses

Don’t you love it when you’re getting into a book that you really like and then realized that the second book (in a trilogy so far) is out of print? Tell you what – yes it did fucking irritate me today, excuse my French.

Luckily I did find Matthew Stover’s (Sira keeps telling me he’s known as Matthew Stover, not Matthew Woodring Stover outside of Utah, even though his name’s a double name everywhere else, so here’s it just for you, Sira ;)) The Blade of Tyshalle at, which is like the baby brother of ebay with strange ties to marketplace, anyway there! I found it for $8.45 instead of stunning $50! I mean, come on, 50 bucks for a goddamn used paperback? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

*sigh and end of rant* Let’s just hope the book gets here soon. I’ll post the review on Heroes Die as soon as I’m done with the book, which probably won’t be before long. I definitely recommend it to everyone who likes Richard Morgan and it did have a great impact on Scott Lynch too 😉

Just an aside (rant); I hate how retarded some of the people at the local Barnes&Noble are. Seriously, I ordered The Digital Plague a week ago, then call in today because they should have it by now and they are all like: Uhhhh…what was the title again? And no it’s not there yet. *harrumph!*


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