What a weekend…

Seriously, I think Stephen and me are cured from having family around for a while. Stephen’s cousin, her two kids (4 years and 18 months old), his aunt and her son and his grandma have been over at the inlaws’ (and still ours…did I mention I can’t wait till August?) place. So yes, it was packed and gah it was annoying. I’m serious, one of these days I’ll rip some righteous American head off. I love my family here, but telling me what to or not to do in a condescending way is a guarantee for making me yell and act not so friendly around particular people.

Apart from that I did get to write quite a bit this weekend (almost 3,000 words Friday night – sound isolating headphones FTW) and  about 1,000 words over Saturday and Sunday (I guess I just can’t write when I’m irritated, it just doesn’t work)

Other than that my mother in law bought a Wii on Saturday, but I haven’t even touched it yet, though I really want to play Zelda – Twilight Princess, ah well…

Stephen and me have our own car now! We were given the brown Oldsmobile we’ve been driving all along from his in laws, because his mom got herself a SUV on Friday and they also got an old Chevy truck for Stephen’s brother – I swear that truck is a monster…1 car, 1 SUV, 2 trucks and 1 boat on our driveway now, guess who gets to park on the street 😉

We went to a swap meet yesterday and I got a couple of books at a used bookstore, so I took the chance and made my booklist and after fighting Excel 2007 I also got it into alphabetical order. You find that one and the TBR pile on the tab list on top of the page. Let me know if you have recommendations 😉


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