Brief hiatus

I just want to drop a line of apology in advance: This weekend and probably for a few more days to come, I probably won’t post much of actual content (besides finished chapters ;)). It seems to me that I’m on some sort of creative high since I’m practically doing nothing but reading and writing, especially the latter one going extraordinarily well.

I’m really happy with my latest chapters and delighted to say that I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Deviant. As far as I can see, it’ll probably be about 5 more chapters (I’m working on Twenty-Five now) plus a brief epilogue until it’s done, which might be very soon, given that I can keep it up 😀

Other than that: I’ve just finished Luck in the Shadows and have to say I quite liked it, it was a great read and I love the characters. Flewelling has some really interesting ideas and I can’t wait to read book 2, Stalking Darkness. I’ll post a review after finishing the trilogy though.

As for now, back to writing though 😉


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