Did I mention that despite my recent writing high I’m pretty damn insomnious pondering the last three chapters (and epilogue) yet to come plus all the things that I want to edit in the draft as it is?

This doesn’t exclude the last two chapters by the way, since I’m not entirely happy with them (especially 27), so guess what I’ll do at work tomorrow?

You got it – drink looooooooooooooots of coffee! *beats insomnia with a stick*

Oh and just an aside, but I don’t remember the last book that made me cry in a while – Stalking Darkness did. Not so much for the overall plot, but because of the character interaction (Alec and Seregil FTW :D)  Yeah, but me as being sentimental sometimes 😉

Besides, did I mention that I’ve got almost 96,000 words of Deviant done and even though the ending for it totally stands, I have no clue where book 2 will lead me in the end, whether there even will be a book 3 or maybe even a fourth? Heh, I’m clueless.


Though I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out somehow, probably as I’m writing Clairvoyance or over the 5th cup of coffee, who knows?


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