I just received my letter of acceptance as a transfer student to Weber State University 😀 That was pretty damn fast, I have to say!

Only thing that galls me is

a) I just paid to take an ACT test that I apparently don’t need and

b) I’ll have to take Accuplacer in math and English instead for them to pick the right courses for me and

c) I’m currently listed as a Non-Utah Resident, which means I’ll have to apply for that, but I should be accepted…uh…hopefully, because otherwise I won’t be able to afford studying here…but hey I’m not worried. Right. Riiiiiiiiiiiight?!?

Hence, chaos ensues.

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4 Responses to “Woooohooo!”

  1. dfrucci Says:


  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Thanks! I’ll see where it goes from here, but I’ll definitely have some phone calls to make this morning 😉

  3. sirayn Says:

    Way to go! 😀

  4. elizaw Says:


    Good luck evading bureaucracy!

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