Thanks to Sira pointing out how weird categories and tags work here, I just want to point out that if you’re looking for entries for “Light” or “writing”, please make use of the tag cloud on the rid side bar of the blog. Clicking on the tags right below the post directs you to all kinds of other blogs that feature entries with merely the same tag…

Another thing that I found is that when you try and google “Deviant” or even look do the wordpress tag thingy, it directs you to some of my posts, but more than that it directs you to all kinds of porn sites and I seriously don’t feel comfortable using a title that might correlate to that…

Hence: back to the original working title: Light with the option of naming it “Shadows” after all because

Book 1: Shadows

Book 2: Clairvoyance

Book 3: Light

makes perfect non-misleading sense, right?

Besides, may I just mention that I’m a very unhappy linguist right now since I really wouldn’t say that the word “deviant” itself hints at anything sexual. Must be that Americans just think.

You’re wrong, guys! :p


2 Responses to “Damn!”

  1. Don Says:

    You’re just using common words, which is why you get everything but. I think you need to come up with multi-worded titles.

    Book 1: Shadows of the Sun
    Book 2: Clairvoyance or something or other
    Book 3: Light of the Darkness

    You’ll get more focused hits.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Oh this isn’t really about the hits, it’s more about the (apparently) more common correlation of ‘deviant’ with deviant sexuality

    Besides, those are just working titles anyway and I’ll figure it out specifically later, but maybe I’ll just leave them that way since I rather like one-word titles and they fit rather well 😉

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