I cracked the 100,000 word mark!

Just thought I’d mention that and yes, there’s only one more chapter and an epilogue to come so I’m expecting to be done by Friday or Saturday at the latest, depending on how busy work and everything else will be. All in all I’ve been a pretty damn unsocial person for the last two weeks or so, having been obsessed busy bringing the first book of the Light trilogy to an end.

Anyway, gotta love that “I’m almost done!” feeling, but I still leave the wordcount at 120,000, even though I’ll probably be done by 105,000. After all the edits and rewriting bits I actually expect it to be longer than that, probably around 110,000 to 120,000 words which would be a great length for a first novel.

yay for being almost done 😀 I can’t wait to rewrite the beginning to fit in with the rest 😀

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