That’s pretty much how I’d paraphrase this entire situation. Well anyway, there’s good news!

After being transferred at least 8 times from one department to another at Weber State, they finally found me in their system and my transcripts in their files, so hey I’m existent!

Chaos ensued over the question whether I’d need to take an ACT test or accuplacer at all and after half an hour of being transferred back and forth a very nice advisor from the admissions office finally helped me out to determine: Hey I suck at math so yes, I need to take accuplacer in math (not in English, because hey, I rock ;)) and no, scrap the ACT.

Hence, I’m waiting for my refund check for that fee and will go in to take the math accuplacer test probably some time next week or so. Yay me!

What I still need to do though is file my resident application, because hey, guess what, out of state tuition is like 6,000 freaking bucks while in state is about 1,800. Quite a difference, don’t you think? Besides, this is the only way I can afford uni here and all things considered I should have no problem proving that I’m married to a Utah resident who’s spent his entire life in this godsdamn LDS-infested state :p

Anyway, yay for paperwork and thus ensuing clusterfuck…


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