I love those conversations…

…apparently I keep cracking up the owner of my favorite used book store.

Today I’m calling in to find out if he’s got some books that I want available, he starts searching, says he’ll give me a call if he gets them in. Then asks if I wanted him to order a trilogy that I mentioned. I politely decline, hang up.

Two minutes later I call in again and he starts to laugh, asking me “So you want me to order those, right?”

Man, I’m predictable…and an addict, but yay I love my favorite bookstore for reading my thoughts and knowing my tastes in fantasy etc. rather well 😀 Little bookstores rock 😀


2 Responses to “I love those conversations…”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Lucky. Ha, the only bookstore where I live is BN. Everytime I go in there with a stack of books that I bought the cashier moans and sighs and takes forever to put them in the bag. Then when I ask him does he have a certain book he looks at me and just says, “No”. I’m like did you check your system? He’s like “No”. So I just get the books and scurry out of there. I’ve got to go look for one though, that would be great. A nice small bookstore, non franchise.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    This is exactly why my local BN irritates me so much. When I ordered The Digital Plague a couple of weeks ago it took them 2 weeks and me calling in 3 times to get….uh…what was the title again?

    I definitely prefer to buy books from people who actually know what they are talking about and there I can definitely recommend my ABC bookstore, that guy rocks 😀

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