Lynn Flewelling – Nightrunner series

Luck in the Shadows

Stalking Darkness

Traitor’s Moon

Those are the first three books of the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling which I mentioned in some earlier posts. I’m not going to do much of a review of them, but just say that this is a fantasy series I really, really liked. That’s probably partly because it’s basically traditional fantasy, but with a twist. I daresay everyone who liked The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch would love those, but then again only if you don’t mind gay main characters (which, if you’re reading my blog frequently you better shouldn’t anyway! *stomps foot*), but that’s just one aspect of this series.

I haven’t been very much into ‘traditional fantasy’ lately, but honestly these books might have changed that for a while and I’m really glad my favorite bookseller recommended them to me, because I’d miss one of my (now) favorite fantasy series with great characters and interesting perspectives on gender etc. If not for the general storyline (which I loved), you should definitely read this series for its great characters (which I loved even more).

I’m honestly said that I just finished book 3, Traitor’s Moon this morning, sometime around 4am, but fortunately there’s a fourth book, Shadows Return, coming out on June 24th and you can get it either at your usual bookstore or order a signed, personalized copy directly from Lynn Flewelling’s website (which is what I did).

Next, I’m going to check out her Tamir triad, which is basically set in the same world, but much earlier than the Nightrunner books (in case you’re wondering, those are the books I had my book guy order for me yesterday :p). Let’s just say I’m hooked 😉


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