My little editing arsenal…

Just thought I’d mention that I had to clean everything off our kitchen table to have enough space for editing Light (there’s paper etc. all cluttered around me now). Here’s what I’m using:

1.) my manuscript: 523 pages, printed out in Courier New, double spaced, first line indent. I printed front and back of the sheet so Kinko’s would be able to bind it – they did a good job at comb-binding it (happy)

2.) highlighters, sharpies, pencils etc. for scribblings in the manuscript as well as scene cards

3.) a stack of index cards (to make scene cards, which is what I’m doing right now)

4.) my trusty laptop (to get distracted, but also to make a new, more detailed plot spreadsheet)

5.) 2 notebooks to write down spontaneous thoughts, while the second notebook is basically for random thoughts that occur for book 2, Clairvoyance 😉

6.) Roget’s Thesaurus – always handy that

7.) Mittelmark & Newman’s “How Not To Write A Novel”

8.) Kelly Nickell’s “Writer’s Digest Writing Clinic” – on editing

9.) Jordan E. Rosenfeld – Make a Scene

10.) music (because I can’t work without listening to the right music – currently Apocalyptica, again 😉 )

11.) caffeine (same reason, but caffeine probably takes priority even over music :p )

I guess I can survive editing like that. Making scene cards/plot spreadsheet is progressing well and maybe I get done with this today 😀

2 Responses to “My little editing arsenal…”

  1. Jordan Rosenfeld Says:

    Glad to be on your list 🙂 Best of luck.

    Jordan Rosenfeld

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Glad that you noticed. Apparently the ‘summon author spell’ works from time to time 😉

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